TBC Classic ssc Boss Guides


Our Classic Wrath of the Lich King Boss Guides are now live!

Hydross the UnstableHydross the Unstable
  • Hydross changes between a Water and Poison form depending on where he is positioned. The main platform area is Water, while the lower area past the 2 flags is Poison.
  • A tank with Frost resistance gear (365 cap) should tank during Water Form. A tank with Nature resistance gear (365 cap) should tank during Poison Form.
  • Hydross will apply a raid wide stacking debuff called
    Mark of Hydross
    Mark of Corruption
    depending on his form.
  • Tanks should change his form when the debuff reaches 100% increased damage taken (4 stacks).
  • Four elementals will spawn every time Hydross changes form. DPS should focus them immediately.
Water Form
  • Everyone should stay 8 yds away from each other to mitigate
    Water Tomb
Poison Form
  • Healers should focus players with the
    Vile Sludge
  • Hunters can use
    Aspect of the Wild
    during Poison Form.
  • Hydross and the elemental adds are immune to Frost damage during Water Form and Nature damage during Poison Form.
The Lurker Below
Phase 1
  • Begins after Lurker emerges and lasts for 1 minute.
  • Ranged should drop into the water to avoid the 360° rotating
    . Melee can run around the boss to avoid it and continue dealing damage.
  • The tank should stand in the inner platform with their back to the pillar to avoid getting knocked away during
    . If there is no one in melee range of the boss, he will deal massive damage to the raid.
  • Melee should stand as close to the boss as possible to avoid getting knocked back into the water by
  • Ranged DPS with CC should stand in the outer platforms.
  • Everyone should spread out to avoid being damaged and knocked back by other random players targeted with
Phase 2
  • Begins after Lurker submerges and lasts for 1 minute.
  • 9 adds will spawn. 2 on each ranged platform, and 3 on the melee platform.
  • Keep the ranged adds CC'd the entire time and kill the melee ones.
  • The Lurker Below must be fished up from the water with 300+ fishing skill.
  • Mages can use
    Ice Block
    and Paladins can use
    Divine Shield
    to avoid
    instead of jumping in the water.
  • Ranged DPS do not need to worry about threat on the boss.
  • All CC except
    Mind Control
    works on the adds.
Leotheras the Blind
Humanoid Phase
  • Run away from Leotheras when he uses
  • Threat resets at the end of every
Demon Phase
  • Leotheras will cast
    Chaos Blast
    on the tank.
  • A tank with Fire resistance gear is recommended for this phase.
  • If you get an
    Inner Demon
    , you must kill it before Leotheras turns back into humanoid form or you will get mind controlled.
Split Phase
  • Begins when the boss reaches 15% health and both forms will be active.
  • Whirlwind
    Chaos Blast
    will occur in this phase,
    Inner Demon
    will not.
  • Once you kill the Human form, the Demon form will despawn.
  • If you get hit by
    , Paladins can use
    Divine Shield
    Blessing of Protection
    , and Mages can use
    Ice Block
    to remove the bleed.
  • Hunters should use
    to help with the phase transitions since Leotheras cannot be taunted.
Fathom-Lord Karathress
  • Kill order is Tidalvess, Sharkkis, Caribdis, Karathress.
  • Tank Caribdis in one corner away from the rest to avoid damage from
    Water Bolt Volley
  • Tank Karathress where he spawns.
  • Tank Tidalvess and Sharkkis away from the other two.
  • Assign a small group of players (3-4) to interrupt Caribdis'
    Healing Wave
    . She will also cast
    Tidal Surge
    frequently so a Shaman or Mage should be part of the interrupt group.
  • DPS should kill Spitfire Totems immediately to avoid raid wide damage.
  • Karathress will gain a new ability when a boss dies. He will gain
    Spitfire Totems
    The Beast Within
    , or
    Tidal Surge
    depending on the boss.
  • DPS should focus the pets summoned by Sharkkis. The elemental pet explodes when it dies.
  • Karathress will cast
    Cataclysmic Bolt
    on random mana users. Healers must keep the raid healthy at all times.
  • Warlocks or Rogues should use
    Curse of Tongues
    Mind-numbing Poison
    respectively on Caribdis to make interrupts much easier.
  • A targeting macro for
    Spitfire Totem
    (/target Spitfire Totem) will help a lot.
  • Hunters should use
    to make the initial pull go smoothly.
Morogrim Tidewalker
  • Tank Morogrim at the top of the platform.
  • After each
    cast, 6 Murlocs will spawn from the north and south of the room.
  • Your off tank(s) should bring the murlocs to Morogrim so they can be killed with AoE.
  • Healers should top off on players who were targeted with
    Watery Grave
    so they don't die to the next
  • At 25% health, Morogrim will stop casting
    Watery Grave
    and start casting
    Water Globules
  • The raid can reposition themselves inside the doorway to avoid
    Water Globules
    before they reach you.
  • Paladins are a great tank to deal with both Murloc waves. If you don't have one, you might need an extra off tank for the other side of the room.
  • Be careful with healer aggro when the murlocs spawn.
Lady Vashj
Phase 1
  • Tank and spank until 70%.
  • Move away from players targeted by
    Static Charge
  • A Shaman in the tank group should use a
    Grounding Totem
    to soak
    Shock Blast
  • Paladins should use
    Blessing of Freedom
    on the main tank when he gets rooted by
Phase 2
  • Begins when Lady Vashj reaches 70% health. She becomes invulnerable during this phase.
  • Ranged should be positioned on every side of the platform.
  • Coilfang Elites need to be tanked and killed by melee.
  • Coilfang Striders need to be kited in large circles around the platform and killed by ranged. They constantly cast a short range AoE fear.
  • Enchanted Elementals need to be killed by ranged before they reach Lady Vashj or they will heal her for 10% health.
  • Tainted Elementals need to be killed immediately because they despawn after 20 seconds. Each one will drop a Tainted Core which is used to deactivate the shield around Lady Vashj.
  • Looting a Tainted Core will root the player. Players must throw the cores to others closer to Lady Vashj until the final player is in range of one of the four Shield Generators and can deactivate it. It is recommended to use a macro to throw the core (/use Tainted Core).
  • Make sure the adds are under control before deactivating the last Shield Generator.
Phase 3
  • Begins when all Shield Generators have been deactivated.
  • Kill all remaining adds from Phase 2.
  • Players will be mind controlled randomly for 20 seconds. These players do increased damage and can't be crowd controlled but can be taunted by tanks.
  • Spore Bats spawn and leave behind a poison cloud.
  • Assign a few ranged DPS to kill the initial wave of Spore Bats.
  • Ignore the next waves of Spore Bats and burn Lady Vashj to avoid running out of room.
  • Slows and roots work on the Coilfang Striders.
  • It is recommended to have a Shaman kite Coilfang Striders because of the increased threat multiplier on
    Frost Shock