TBC Classic Beast Mastery (BM) Hunter Best in Slot (BiS) Gear List


Our Classic Wrath of the Lich King Beast Mastery (BM) Hunter BiS List is now live!

These are hand-crafted BiS lists that aim to maximize your characters' power by putting together the best combination of items. Our goal is to do the most complete research so you don't have to. Optional items are listed for every slot.

Clutch of Demise
Clutch of Demise
Sunwell Plateau
Brutallus (25%)
Gronnstalker's Spaulders
Gronnstalker's Spaulders
enchantGreater Inscription of Vengeance
Wicked Pyrestone
Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst
Black Temple
Mother Sharaz (56%)
Cloak of Unforgivable Sin
Cloak of Unforgivable Sin
enchantCloak - Greater Agility
Wicked Pyrestone
Sunwell Plateau
Kil'jaeden (13%)
Bladed Chaos Tunic
Bladed Chaos Tunic
enchantChest - Exceptional Stats
Shifting Shadowsong Amethyst
Wicked Pyrestone
Delicate Crimson Spinel
Sunmote Transmute
Harness of Carnal Instinct (40%)
Gronnstalker's Bracers
Bracer - Assault
Sunwell Plateau
Kalecgos, Eredar Twins (56%)
Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets
Gloves - Superior Agility
Sunwell Plateau
Kil'jaeden (21%)
Gronnstalker's Belt
Sunwell Plateau
Brutallus, Eredar Twins (56%)
Leggings of the Immortal Night
Nethercobra Leg Armor
Sunwell Plateau
Felmyst (22%)
Gronnstalker's Boots
Boots - Dexterity
Sunwell Plateau
Felmyst, Eredar Twins (56%)
Hard Khorium Band
finger 1
BoP Pattern (365)
Stormrage Signet Ring
finger 2
Black Temple
Illidan Stormrage (37%)
Berserker's Call
trinket 1
Zul'jin (15%)
Blackened Naaru Sliver
trinket 2
Sunwell Plateau
M'uru (40%)
Hand of the Deceiver
Weapon - Greater Agility
Sunwell Plateau
Kil'jaeden (20%)
Grip of Mannoroth
Weapon - Greater Agility
off hand
Sunwell Plateau
Eredar Twins (18%)
Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury
Stabilized Eternium Scope
Sunwell Plateau
Kil'jaeden (7%)
Character Stats
  • Attack Power 2314
  • Hit Chance 9.26%
  • Crit Chance 33.20%
  • Haste 175
  • Armor Penetration 1750
  • All Phases: Fist Weapons have the advantage of being affected by
    Adamantite Weightstone
    which provides extra ranged damage and crit.
  • All Phases: It is worth using
    Braided Eternium Chain
    for its on-use effect. This effect does not stack.
  • Phase 5:
    Hard Khorium Choker
    is your bis neck if you have Jewelcrafting.
  • Phase 5:
    Shivering Felspine
    is slightly worse than our suggested list, but should be much easier to obtain.
  • Phase 1: Your first priority should be getting the 4pc Beast Lord Set.
  • Phase 1: Leatherworking is only really worth the investment for Drums. If someone else is providing them for you, the Primal Strike Set is probably not worth it considering you'll replace it within Phase 1.
  • Phase 1: If you are not going Leatherworking, use the
    Beast Lord Cuirass
    Nightfall Wristguards
    Dunewind Sash
    , and
    Midnight Legguards
    in Pre-Raid.
  • Phase 1: The Primal Strike Set is better than the Ebon Netherscale one if you have the mana or fast kill times to support it.
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